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Mike Schack Photo 2.jpeg

Michael Schack, International Drummer, Belgium

"Kevens was booked for Ultra Music Festival in South Korea with 8 weeks notice. Miff got to work composing the backing tracks and started feeding them through to me to work out the drum parts. We were all in different countries so the prep work was done entirely over the internet to a very tight schedule. We first met in Seoul and hit the stage for our soundcheck all within a few hours! This was a stadium gig, with Ice Cube on after us so the pressure was on. Due to the professional approach of all involved and the synergy that was quickly formed, we rocked that stage and new friendships were born!"

Kevens Headshot 2.jpeg

Kēvens, Singer/Songwriter/Actor, Miami Fl

“Miff has the ability to understand and interpret my vision. Always a pleasure to work with him. A true professional in every sense whom I rely to deliver the goods on every project we work on” 

david saw 2.jpeg

David Saw, Songwriter/Guitarist, Martha's Vineyard

(Carly Simon, Dolly Parton, Linda Perry, Natasha Bedingfield, Ben Taylor, Chris Stills and more)

“I've worked with Miff several times. He's very professional and knows how to paint a landscape with sounds. A pleasure to work with, multi skilled and can really understand what the client is looking for. He won't stop until he gets it right"


Cut La Roc, Label Owner/A&R/Producer, UK

"Miff is a composing wizard,  I’ve worked with and alongside him on numerous projects, he always delivers on time and boy does he deliver musically! Whether it be an orchestral piece or a low down bassline skank out, Miff always pulls it out of the bag. The man is an actual genius!"


Oliver Morris, Art Director, London

"What can I truthfully say about this man? In life we sometimes encounter someone that is gifted and can enhance the story to give it the spark or fuel that bridges the gap between the eyes and the ears. I make videos. This man has allowed me to ignite those pictures with the sound of his music, giving me the confidence to show off"

Conrad Website Photo.jpeg

Conrad Thompson, International Vocalist & Label Owner, Birmingham

“Miff Zawadzki is somebody I consider as an integral part of my musical inner circle and family. In times when he was just a minor and I was a much younger man, we were able to connect and explore endless musical journeys. His ability to level up and proceed in his musical path, has become an inspiration and an honour to co-sign and collaborate with.”

Alanna Pose.jpeg

Alanna Rose, CEO Alanna Rose Swimwear, London

"We used some of Miff’s music on a social media campaign for the launch of a new range of swimwear that I’d designed and it worked perfectly. At that time I was also looking for the inspiration to complete my next range. I took a break and listened to Miff’s piano piece ‘To a Better Place’. In that positive creative moment I found the vision for my final design to complete the collection. Thank you for your music Miff Zawadzki”

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