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My name is Miff and I'm a long time soundaholic. 

Playing several instruments alongside composition, synthesis and beat making, I take ideas from discussion to full completion.

With a wide open imagination, I'm acutely aware of music as an emotional tool.

I'm here so that your projects don't just look good but sound good too!


A Brief List of Experience and Achievements:

  • Producing for vocalists from the UK, Europe and America

  • Co-writing the music for a Discovery Channel documentary

  • Dozens of audio visual collaborations

  • Producing entire, performance-ready, main stage live shows within tight deadlines

  • Performing at venues ranging from local pubs to the Ministry of Sound, through to the Seoul Olympic Stadium

  • 5 years working as a product demonstrator for Roland UK (V-Drums and Digital Pianos)

  • Creating audio/visual podcasts

  • Composing theme tunes

  • My music has been used by people ranging from social media entrepreneurs, videographers, fashionistas, brand managers, holiday companies, established artists and more

  • Numerous tracks released on various record labels as "EKTO1"

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