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Social Media Music

When it comes to social media, it's important to stand out in an original way

Purpose built music, for your brand, will allow you to shine through in an already crowded space

It could be a theme tune for your Vlog or Podcast, perhaps background music for your online ad or instagram marketing

If you need music to perfectly set the tone...I've got you covered

TV & Film Music

Whether you need that blockbuster orchestral sound or some intricate piano for those emotional cinematic moments...

...a synth driven dystopian soundscape or a minimalist atmospheric backing

I'll work with you to turn your sonic ideas into a reality

Collaborative Projects

If you're producing the most incredible graphics and animations, creating corporate videos or you're involved in any other type of visual creativity, your work, clients and audience deserve to have the best music and audio accompaniment possible.

Together we can realise the exact style, tempo and texture to compliment your project.

In some cases, generic library music will suffice, but it'll never beat custom composed audio, from a blank slate, to fully realise your idea

Video Game Music

The line between game soundtracks and movie soundtracks dissolved a long time ago

From 8-Bit Platformers to modern day RPG's, War Games to Indie Classics, I've been playing and feeding off of the musical experience that has grown and matured in line with the industry 

With a compositional style as eclectic as the games that I play, be ready to have those skills applied to your project. 

You could be looking for an electronic soundtrack of the future, something more classic to represent the past or anything in between. 

Let's build the music for you, from the ground up

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